World’s First Hyperloop To Built Between Mumbai and Pune

The Virgin Group has signed the letter of intent to build a hyperloop transport system between Mumbai and Pune with Maharashtra Government on this Sunday. This will reduce travel time between two major cities to 20 minutes.The first hyperloop route will link central Pune with the megapolis as well as the Navi Mumbai international airport, the foundation stone for which was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday evening.

World's First Hyperloop To Built Between Mumbai and Pune
World’s First Hyperloop To Built Between Mumbai and Pune

“We have signed an agreement with Maharashtra to build a Virgin Hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune, beginning with an operational demonstration track in the region,” Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson said on the first day of Magnetic Maharashtra investor summit here this evening.He said that through easy access to the airport gate, we would be able to carry 15 million passengers every year. Branson said that this proposed hyperlop transport system will change the entire transport system and Maharashtra will be a global example in this field. They claimed that this will create thousands of job opportunities. The social economic benefit of this project will be $ 55 billion.The details of this project, for example, have not been announced for the cost and timelines. The hyperloop path will be fully electric system and it will have the ability to run for 1,000 kilometers per hour. This proposed project will start after a six-month intensive viability study.

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