‘Water cuts will continue in Pune till the dams are full’, said...

‘Water cuts will continue in Pune till the dams are full’, said Mayor Prashant Jagtap

Khadakwasla dam,Pune
Khadakwasla dam,Pune

‘Water cuts will continue in Pune till the dams are full’, said Mayor Prashant Jagtap- Few months back, Pune was under the scorching heat wave. With the entry of monsoon a few weeks back, Punekars seem to be relieved after all the summer problems and hotness issues. With it, the main problem Punekars faced was of extreme water shortage. With various news of farmer suicide in the extreme regions, water shortage problems were at peak. The showers definitely brought some relief but are still facing water problems.

A week ago, the city had a squabble between Mayor Prashant Jagtap and District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat over the release of water from Khadakwasla dam. They said, “Water cuts will remain till the dams are full”.  The authorities will soon have to release the water into the canal and if need be, through the river. However, till the dams are totally filled up, the water cuts will continue, clarified the Mayor on Monday.

Khadakwasla dam,Pune
Khadakwasla dam,Pune

Nearing good news: Khadakwasla water level reaches 90%

After continuous rainfall in the city as well as the catchment areas of the dams in the first week of July, water level in dams has increased to 6.65 TMC. The main dams that supply water to Pune, i.e. Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon and Temhgar are nearing to be full. Amongst them Khadakwasla dam’s water level has reached 90% wherein the officials said water would last for the next six months.  However, the officials also said, ‘we have to wait and watch the rainfall activity. Unless dam levels are good, we cannot ask the PMC to put an end to alternate day water supply.’
Overall, despite all the concern about water shortage past few months, Punekars have something to cheer about as the water supply is gradually been taken care of. All thanks to the Rain God!

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