About Vasota Fort

Vasota (Vyaghragad) fort is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra. It is also known as Nandugad. It is near Bamboli village on the banks of river Shivsagar Lake. Vasota fort offers thrilling experiences as it is covered by dense forest.

History of Vasota Fort

The fort was mostly defended by Tai Telin who was a mistress of Pant Pratinidhi, a killedar of the Fort. Vasota Fort is credited to the Kolhapur Shilahara Raja Nandgopal of Panhala. During the conquest of Javali, Shivaji Maharaj incorporated Swaraj in 1655. This fort always remained under the control of the Marathas, Shirkes and the Mores during the 16th century. During 1818, the Britishers captured the fort by bombarding it with heavy artilleries. The destroyed a lot of buildings on Vasota and looted around 5 lakhs of property.

Vasota Fort
Vasota Fort
Vasota Fort
Vasota Fort
Vasota Fort
Vasota Fort

How to reach Vasota Fort?

Vasota is to the south of Pune near Satara. Heading by NH4 which is about 110kms from Pune Station reach Satara. State transport buses are available from Pune to reach Satara. Once you reach Satara, head towards Bamboli which is the base village. From Bamboli boats are available that take you to the base of the fort. The boat rides are expensive and hence it is advisable to go in groups.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Distance: 140kms from Pune

Things to do at Vasota Fort:

Camping permissions are not given on this fort as there are lots of wild animals that are active during the night time. It is advisable to start getting down early as it is not safe. The fort is located in the jungle and during monsoon leeches are found in large numbers. Wearing proper gears is advisable during rain. The Nageshwar temple and Babu Kada are the main attractions. The fort offers views of Koyna backwaters and forests of the wildlife sanctuary.

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