Udta Punjab Movie Leaked on Torrent, FIR Filed – Most controversial movie Udta Punjab which stars Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan along with Diljit Dosanjh in lead roles was in recent news after the censor board proposed that the makers alter the film by 89 cut. However, on Monday the Bombay High Court gave permission to the drug-themed movie for national release after making just one cut and inserting three disclaimers. The bone of contention for the Censor Board was that the film was showcasing Punjab in a poor light, with a mainly highlighting on its festering problem of drugs which carried out in the state.

Udta Punjab
Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab Movie Leaked on Torrent

The fate of Abhishek Chaubey’s directorial venture Udta Punjab remains jinxed by several unforeseeable things. In the unfortunate turn of event, early morning on Wednesday, 15th of June 2016, a main copy of the movie which was submitted to the Central Board of Film Certification, found its way on various torrent sites. Two days ahead of its official release in theatres movie leaked online. However makers have managed to remove it from websites of torrent.

Even the movie being leaked before its release is quite shocking for the entire team of the film. However some reports suggest that only some portion of the movie has been leaked on certain sites, even some other reports says that full movies is available online for illegal download. While the producers have filed a FIR with the Cyber Crime cell in Mumbai, as all fingers currently point towards a leak from the CBFC itself. However, it is expected that soon the download links were deleted due to a copyright complaint

As per the large number of online platforms which had snapshots from this leak copy which was the original copy of the movie that submitted to Censor Board as it also features some of the scene which the censor board had opposed to. Also many reports said that this leaked copy had total run time of 2 hours twenty minutes. Many B town celebrities have shown their anger over this pirated version and requested fans to watch this movie only in theatres. Also reports said the main accused behind the alleged leaking of Udta Punjab on the internet and also the subsequent making of its DVDs has been identified and the offender will likely to be arrested soon.

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