About Tung Fort

Tung fort is located in the Pune district. It is a hill fort. Tung fort is also known as Kathingad (meaning difficult). It is located around 12kms from Malawli station. It is near Lonavla. The fort is conical in its approach and has vertical climbs with a very narrow road throughout on the edge of the mountain.

History of Tung Fort

The history of the fort dates back to 1600CE. The fort was built by Adil Shah Dynasty but it was later captured by the Shivaji Maharaj. This fort was mainly used as a watchtower over Pune city. In 1660, Netaji Palkar was appointed to protect this region. In 1665, Diler Khan and others destroyed the villages around Tung and Tikona fort but unable to capture the forts. According to the ‘Treaty of Purandar’, Kubadkhan took over the fort but later it was regained by the Marathas.

Tung Fort
Tung Fort
Tung Fort
Tung Fort
Tung Fort
Tung Fort

How to reach Tung Fort?

From Pune, head towards Lonavala. One can reach Tungwadi which is the base village that is around 20 km via Bhushi Dam then Shivaji Peth Shahapur in Tungwadi. From Tungwadi village, reaching this fort requires about a 300 metre climb.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Distance: 88kms from Pune

Things to do at Tung Fort:

Tung fort has sharp conical peak which is the major attraction of the fort. It has oval shaped thick walls and strong strongholds. A steep climb on grassy slopes leads to the Tungi temple. Space on the top of the fort is very small. There is Ganesh temple and a water reservoir on the fort. The view from the Pawana dam after the tiring trek is breathtaking.  The entire Pawana and Mawal region can be seen from the top of the fort. Tikona Fort can be also spotted from here. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit the fort but being careful is advisable as the fort climb is slippery.

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