Legendary actor Tom Alter has announced his retirement from Pune FTII acting department. The veteran super star unveiled the reason behind his resignation that he was not able to carry out the academic activities properly. Inability to monitor the significant tasks in that department entailed him to take this decision and say goodbye to Film and Television Institute of India.

Tom Alter Quits FTII
Tom Alter Quits FTII

Tom Alter Quits FTII

Bhupendra Kainthola, director of FTII, has confirmed Tom’s leave from the institutional body. When asked about this issue in detail, the chief elucidated that Alter had sent him an email in which he had clearly mentioned about his resignation. He further added that the veteran star left because of unavailability of time and energy to look at the academic activities.

Tom told about his other commitments which he has to complete and also said that he didn’t want to peek in the past allegations from which he had to suffer a lot. Other major delegations opined about Tom’s work in the institute and uttered number of praising words for his remarkable career tenure.

Alter had been the part of FTII acting department since November 2014 and indulged in verbal spat with students on 23rd May. He had threatened the pupils of resigning from the post of Head of the Department of acting. Today, on 6th of June, he revealed that he has resigned from the institute and will focus on his personal matters.

Some of the senior students too expressed their own opinions about this illustrious coach. Dewas Dixit, a second year acting student said , “Tom sir is a very strict guide who used to put three conditions before having an interaction with us. Though we all ratified to adopt his instructions, he has now unyoked himself from us.”

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