About Tikona Fort

Tikona is a hill fort in Maval tehsil of Pune. It is also known as Vitandgad. This fort is located near Kamshet Dam which is around 60kms from Pune. The fort is triangular in shape and hence the name Tikona is derived from here. This fort is perfect trekking destination. The Pawana backwater reservoir can be seen from Tikona Fort. The nearby forts Visapur and Lohagad can also be spotted from Tikona Fort.

History of Tikona Fort

The history of the fort dates back to 8th century but little is known about it. There is a Vihara on the fort which is said to be as old as 8th century. Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah I of the Nizam Shahi dynasty first conquered the fort in the year 1585 and invaded it to Nizam territory. In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj brought the whole of Konkan and with it he annexed Tikona fort too. With Tikona he also captured Karnala, Lohagad, Mahuli, Songad, Tala and Visapur fort. This fort was built to keep an eye over the Mawal region. Tikona fort was surrendered to Mughal warrior Kubad Khan who had attacked the region together with Halal Khan. On 18th June Kubad Khan took over the fort but was later it was seized back by the Marathas.

Tikona Fort, Pune.
Tikona Fort, Pune.
Tikona Fort
Tikona Fort
Tikona Fort
Tikona Fort

How to reach Tikona Fort?

To reach Tikona, head towards Lonavala and from Lonavla head towards Kamshet. From Kamshet the locals can guide you to Gavhande village which is the base village. It is also known as Tikona Peth. From this point you can start trekking as the actual trek begins here.

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 60kms from Pune

Things to do at Tikona Fort:

This fort is not a camping fort but one can enjoy other points too. The big entrance door is very attractive. There is a Trimbakeshwar temple inside the fort that can be visited. The caves are as old as 8th Century that are also major allures. The lake that surrounds the fort is also a beautiful sight. The view of the forts Tung and Lohagad also adds to the must dos of the Fort. The ideal season to visit this fort is winter or monsoon.

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