Tandoori chai

Tandoori chai


चहा असावा तर असा!!!!! This is definitely your cup of tea


Indians are craziest fans of chai. And Pune should be listed on the top. Every trend is greatly accepted and welcomed in Pune. #tandooriChai is one of them. You have to at least once try this super amazing and exotic Chai. It approximately charges at some places along 150 among 2 people, which is way more than a normal cup of tea, but ✌ yeah you need to try it once in for all…

Chai la (kharadi) this is the one of the most famous tandoori chai, you may found people chanting about & over in pune. #namaskarpune

wadapav and chai are like the dominating or city food of pune. exploring & showcasing our puneri culture in such an awesome way is done by this #tandooriChai. 

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