In the light of recent attacks of violence against African People which was happened in country’s capital Delhi, Pune based International University Symbiosis in association with Symbiosis Centre for International Education and also Symbiosis International Students Council, assembled African Student Meet 2016, on Monday, 6th of June,2016.For this event many Dignitaries were present that are Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Symbiosis Society, and his Excellency Mr. Alem Tsehaye Woldemariam, Ambassador, Embassy of Eritrea, Dean of the African Heads of Mission, and Ms. Rashmi Shukla, Commissioner of Police, Pune, Founder & President, Symbiosis, Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar,  Mr. Patric Omegere, President, Association of African Students in India & Ms. Haaba Baldeh, President, Symbiosis International Students Council, Pune, as well as African students from several  colleges in Pune.

Symbiosis Pune
Symbiosis Pune

African Students Meet 2016, Symbiosis Pune

Speaking at the first of its kind, among the students, delegates and administration in the city, The Commissioner of  Pune Police, MS Rashmi Shukla, stated that, the pune police will soon begin Student’s facilitation centre at the Senapati Bapat Road campus of Symbiosis International University in the month of July.With these facility they are aiming to provide hassle free  Foreign Registration Office (FRO) verification for students. Through which foreign students will be able to communicate with police officials directly, instead of visiting police station. This centre will include officials along with students who fluent in English just to avoid language problem.

Also she requested African Students to preserve their culture and also respect the culture of Pune, and not involved in any activities that may offend local citizens. Mr. Alem Tsehaye Woldemariam, Ambassador, Embassy of Eritrea, and Dean of the African Heads of Mission, has also expressed his concerns and urged the students to just focus on their academics and take back the knowledge for the development of their nation. Also the Vidya Yeravdekar said that, their main vision is to stimulate international understanding through quality education at the Symbiosis university.

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