Suspicious UIDAI phone no pops up on Android phones

Suspicious UIDAI phone no pops up on Android phones


Few days ago, all Android phone users were concerned about their phones as suspicious UIDAI number was found on all phones contact lists.

People got worried about as to how UIDAI number came on their phone automatically. UIDAI clarified that they have not told any mobile service providers or manufacturers to add it in phone.

Lastly, the whole episode of suspicious addition of number came to an end. It was clarified by “Google” that UIDAI number was added in android phones contacts list from their end in 2014 along with 112 helpline numbers – unintentionally coded into Android release given to original manufacturers of phones which was carried to the new devices. As per “Google” this number can be deleted from your phone’s contact list manually.

So people, no need of panic as everything seems to be in place now.

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