About Sudhagad Fort

Sudhagad fort is a hill fort located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. The Sudhagad Sanctuary is located in this fort itself. There are a lot of temples in this fort. This is a popular trekking destination as it is very well preserved by Maharashtra government.

History of Sudhagad Fort

The history of Sudhagad dates back to 2nd century BC. It was called Bhorapgad then because of the temple of Bhoraidevi. It was captured by Bahamani Sultan in 1436. In 1657, the Marathas took over the fort and renamed it to Sudhagad. In the year 1818, the British took over the fort under its control.

Sudhagad Fort
Sudhagad Fort

Chor vaat of Sudhagad
Chor vaat of Sudhagad

How to reach Sudhagad Fort?

To reach Sudhagad, one has to go to Khopoli which is ahead of Lonavla. From Khopoli you can ask the locals for directions to Pali. Pali is the base village for the fort. The actual trek starts from the village itself.

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 130Kms from Pune

Things to do at Sudhagad Fort:

The big entrance of the fort is a major attraction here. There is a secret escape route built during that time which can be seen. The entrance of the Sudhagad fort can been seen from the higher rampant of the fort. There are two lakes on the fort, some tombs and a holy shrine. The main gate of the fort is the Maha Darwaza. The forts like Korigad, Dhangad, Taila-baila are seen from the top of the fort.
During monsoon the place turns green and scenic. Due to its torment, most of the fort is in ruins.

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