Stay Safe: Continuous rainfall brings unwelcome diseases

Stay Safe: Continuous rainfall brings unwelcome diseases


The most awaited rainy season has started in the city but with the unwelcomed things too that we need to look into.  

Due to heavy and continuous showers there is rise in the water levels in the city. Lack of bright sun and heavy downpours makes the room for viral diseases. Also there is a drop in the temperature in the mornings and at nights which makes the people sick. Cases of Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya and complaints of cold, cough are generally high in number in this season. There is rise in mosquitoes which are the main cause of such diseases. Water clogging, construction sites (where water gets collected) and also the changes in the climate are the main culprits for these disease carrying mosquitoes. As a precaution try not to eat outside food also as it may lead to stomach related diseases.

Therefore to avoid any ailments, people please take precautionary measures like fumigation not only in your own house but also in your surroundings and stay safe.

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