Soaring vegetables prices due to lack of Supply

Soaring vegetables prices due to lack of Supply


As we know the city is having heavy and continuous rainfall, it is leading a problem of rise in the prices of vegetables.

There is lack of supply from the farmers to the vegetable wholesalers. It is because of water clogging in the farms. They are not able to take large amount of the vegetable produce to meet the demand from the people. When vegetables come from wholesalers to retailers there is further rise in the prices. Vegetables like onions, tomatoes, okra are in the list. There is big difference in these vegetables prices as compared to prices from last 4-5 days. It is being said that if there is increase in rainfall, there would be further increase in the prices. It is becoming difficult for the average person to cope up with the high mounting prices of vegetables.

Hence stock up the required vegetables if you can and look out for the other options too.

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