About Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad, meaning lion in Sanskrit, (The lion’s fort) is located 30kms from Central Pune. Previously it was called Kondhana. This fort has witnessed many battles; the famous one being ‘The battle of Sinhagad’. It was built to provide protection to the area. It is believed that the fort is 2000 years old. There are two entry gates to this fort namely ‘Kalyan Darwaza’ and ‘Pune Darwaja’. It is located on the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the Bhuleshwar cliff.

History of Sinhagad fort:

The fort was previously called Kondhana after the sage named Kaundinya. The temple here and its carvings indicate that the fort is 2000 years old. It was captured by Muhammed bin Tughlaq in 1328 AD. Adil Shah gained the control of Kondhana in 1647. Agin in 1649, Adil Shah traded the fort for Shahaji’s release. Shivaji Maharaj recaptured the fort again in 1656, with the help of Bapuji Mudgal Deshpande. Through the ‘The treaty of Purandar’, the fort went under the control of Mughals. This fort has been switched to a lot of hands till Britishers conquered it in 1818 from the Marathas. The Britishers took three months to capture it which was the longest duration to win any fort in Maharashtra.

Sinhagad Fort, Pune.
Sinhagad Fort, Pune.
Sinhagad Fort
Sinhagad Fort
Sinhagad Fort
Sinhagad Fort

How to reach Sinhagad Fort?

Private vehicles can be driven till the top of Sinhagad i.e. the base of the fort. Public transport drops you till starting of the fort which is a check point.

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 30kms from Pune

Things to do Sinhagad Fort:

This place is ideal for a quick getaway from the city life. There are plenty of stalls up on the fort which serves some awesome Maharashtrian dish called Pitla Bhakri and Bhajis. Other food items and water is available on the top of the fort. Camping is not allowed on this fort but one can go for trekking here. Locals flock here throughout the year, but monsoon makes this place lush green and a photographic destination.  During summers it is advisable to visit the fort during early morning as the temperature gets hotter post 11am.

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