“SIM SWIPE”, A New Trick to Dupe People

“SIM SWIPE”, A New Trick to Dupe People


Pune : A new trick found by fraudsters has come to light. This unique way to gain access to your bank accounts is through your SIM card. Fraudsters pretending to be customer care executives call people and provide them with schemes of online SIM card upgradation from 3G to 4G. If the victim agrees for the same then ,

Step 1 : He will first ask you to register your Aadhaar number or would ask for any other document which can provide him with your details.

Step 2 : He will then ask you to check your message box and will send a message to you, on which you will have to reply him back with number “1” as a text message.

Step 3: On doing so your card will stop working and all your messages and details would fall into the fraudster’s hands, even your transaction details will be sent to the number operated by the fraudster.

If you get any such calls you should not entertain them also you should report them immediately.

In case you fall prey to any such incident you should first visit your Bank and change your account linked phone number and later report it to the police.

So far 9 such incidents have been reported and in most cases senior citizens were targeted. Cops have not traced the scamsters, but are hoping to get clues which can lead them to the accused.



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