Rajmachi Fort History | Distance | Things to do

Rajmachi Fort History | Distance | Things to do

Rajmachi fort, Pune.
Rajmachi fort, Pune.

About Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi is a famous fort for trekking near Pune. This fort has its location between two famous hills of Maharashtra, i.e. Lonavla and Khandala. Rajmachi Fort is sited near the village Rajmachi, also known as Udhewadi. Rajmachi constitutes of two hill forts, they are Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort.
Several temples also form a part of this ancient fort. One of them is the Kal-Bhairava temple, a local deity.

History of Rajmachi Fort:

Established by the Satavahanas, this stronghold was captured in 1657 by Shivaji Maharaj from the ruler of Bijapur. Rajmachi was a strategic fort to control Borghat, the ghat between Khopoli and Khandala, Mumbai-Pune highway which was then a trade route for the Marathas.
From 1704 to 1705, this fort was under the Mughals, before the Marathas regained its control. When the Maratha kingdom witnessed a downfall in 1818, the British took over the ownership of this fort.

Rajmachi fort, Pune.
Rajmachi fort, Pune.
Rajmachi Fort
Rajmachi Fort
Rajmachi Fort, Pune.
Rajmachi Fort Pune

How to reach Rajmachi Fort?

From Pune head towards Lonavla and there is a diversion before Khandala. Udhewadi is the base village from where Rajmachi can be reached. If you are confused about the route, you can also ask the locals at Lonavla for the directions to Rajmachi Fort specifically.

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 82kms from Pune.

Things to do at Rajmachi Fort:

Rajmachi is an ancient fort located at the beautiful Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. This place is always been fascinated by a lot of trekkers not only during monsoon but throughout the year. Maharashtra being the hub of forts built by the great Shivaji Maharaj, Rajmachi was one of the watchtowers during his times. Though you’re a history lover or not, this fort will definitely woe you with its configuring.

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