About Purandar Fort

Purandar Fort is located near Narayanpur, of Pune district. It is ahead of Saswad village. There are twin forts here; they are Purandar and Vajragad (or Rudramal). The Purandar village takes its name from the fort. Purandar fort is the birth place of Sambhaji raje Bhosale who was the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

History of Purandar Fort

The first mentions of the fort was seen in the reign of the first Bahmani king, Hasan Gangu. He fortified Purandar in the year 1350 when he obtained possession over Maharashtra. Under the Bedekar kings, the fort was besieged several times. To prevent the fort from falling, a man and a woman were buried alive under one of the bastions of the fort to pacify its patron deity. It is also said that Purandar fort is the broken part of Dronagiri Parbhat, the piece of mountain which Hanuman was carrying in Ramayana.
During the British rule, it was used a prison. During the World War II, it was a confinement camp for enemy aliens i.e. the German families.

Purandar Fort
Purandar Fort
Purandar Fort
Purandar Fort
Purandar Fort Church
Purandar Fort Church

How to reach Purandar Fort?

To reach Purandar, from Pune head towards Saswad via Hadapsar and then a diversion from Narayanpur leads you to the fort. The locals can help you reach the fort.

Difficulty level: Medium/ Moderate

Distance: 30kms from Pune.

Things to do at Purandar Fort:

The fort has two distinct levels. The lower part of the fort is known as machi. The Purandareshwar temple is the highlight of the fort who is the patron God of the fort. There is huge statue of Murarbaji Deshpande who gave his life to protect the fort from the Mughals.
The upper part is known as Ballekilla. It is structured like the Delhi Darwaza. There is Kedareshwar temple in this part too. The Koli Chabutra is a famous monument to be visited here. Purandar has NDA academy and remains the favorite destination for trekkers and paragliders. There is an old church built during the British era too.

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