Pune’s Smart City Plan: 14 Projects Launched by PM Modi – On Saturday, 25th of June, 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, launched the government’s flagship smart city mission in total 20 cities across the nation from Pune, Making a strong pitch to assess urbanisation as an opportunity and not as a problem. He stated that cities have to be more strengthened through comprehensive and inter connected approach that combined with increased participation of public. The Smart city plan consists of total 83 projects. So, giving boost to India’s Infrastructure dreams, PM Modi inaugurated 14 projects under Pune’s flagship Smart City Plan, by releasing the mission guidelines in the program of First anniversary launch of this mission.

Pune Smart City
Pune Smart City

Addressing the gatherings in Pune, on Saturday, Prime Minister said that, mission of smart city has now succeeding as people showing their anticipatory movement towards this expedition. Also he exhibited his gratification over participation of citizen in the preparation of Smart City Plan which has been established by several cities with over 25 lakh people all over country giving their valuable suggestion on the web portal of My In that event he explained that Citizens are basically responsible to execute this plan and enable their respective cities selection in the City Challenge Competition, however central government did not select the smart cities.

A Smart city is specifically, about the application of technology as well as big data to mark the improvement of Infrastructure and also basic service provision for all citizens. Narendra Modi said that an era of the competition has been ushered in for improving conditions in urban areas and advised the citizens to rise to the challenge for enhancing the conditions in respective cities as well as towns. Prime Minister recently reviewed and expressed his satisfaction over the growth and progress of Smart City mission in last one year. Also he illustrated appeasement over the enthusiastic and extensive participation of people in the formulation of exhaustive Smart city plans. And he also praised the establishment of city challenge competition which was held for the selection of various cities and actual formation of Smart city projects and their commencement which introduced on Saturday.

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