Puneri Thaska with a Thaska – The Women’s Group in Pune

Puneri Thaska with a Thaska – The Women’s Group in Pune


Women Power!!  

This Puneri Women’s group are reaching new heights of progress. How are they doing it? Read below

Puneri Thaska with a Thaska.

What is Puneri Thaska and what does it do?

The “EXPERT OPINION” series allows our members to have an insight into different fields and branches. We interview experts in this series. They answer a few questions or give some useful information to our members .

Our engaging series “MUDDE KI BAAT” and “PT-KATTA” are the interactive sections. Here members get to express their thoughts and opinions freely! These sections have thought provoking questions on various topics. These discussions often spill over in our whatsapp group (exclusively for members again. )

The regular “CONTESTS ” on Puneri Thaska tap the creative side of the members. Our Dubsmash Contest on the group was a great hit! We keep planning interesting contests every now and then. The winners of these contests received wonderful prizes , which were sponsored by fellow group members!!

The Starters

We have several group activities going on , on a daily basis.

For starters, we have a section called “RETAIL THERAPY”. Here all the members can post their products and services. It is surprising how creative and enterprising women can get in their businesses.

Several businesses grant group discounts for our members. So there are certain privileges to be enjoyed as well!

Since we are growig from strength to strength, We are on the verge of helping out some NGO s as well. We are happy to be able to give back to our society in our own little way!

We also Have REGULAR MEETS  to have interaction between the members. Our aim is to build a healthy community. Hence we make it a point to meet up regularly outside the virtual world . We just had the first meet of our group on 24th of July at 10 Downing Street , Dhole Patil Road. The members had a blast! It was a wonderful , interactive meet where not only businesses were promoted, but we also ended up earning some new friends! Adults and kids all enjoyed alike.

The Thaska 

Puneri Thaska-The Meet
Puneri Thaska-The Meet
Puneri Thaska
Puneri Thaska
Puneri Thaska Contests
Puneri Thaska Contests


The Pioneer – Dr Shweta Kakade

This group was started by Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar. A true blue Puneri Mulgi at heart, Shweta is a Dentist by profession. She practices full time in her Dental clinic in Kothrud since 6 years.  The whole idea behind starting this group was to gather women from all walks of life in the city under 1 platform. Many times women don’t get time to keep in touch with the outer world due to their responsibilities. We try to bridge that gap by bringing the outer world to their phones! Several women get a wonderful platform to grow and express in Puneri Thaska.

Something more from her
A few of our  members are settled abroad currently . When they visit their homes Puneri Thaska is always at their rescue. They don’t feel lost when they return home after months. They get all their questions answered on our group. Also the group helps them to stay in touch with their hometown while they are away.

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