Water Level in Dams Pune’s Sufficient for Next 6 Months – Puneities and people across the city experienced a satisfactory rain fall in last week which certainly brought a sigh of relief on every ones face. Heavy and continuous rain showers poured in the last week across Pune letting a steady growth in the water reservoir. People were worried and anxious for the rainfalls to commence, but last week rain showers delighted citizens and farmers who were eagerly waiting for heavy rains.

Khadakwasla Dam Pune
Khadakwasla Dam Pune

Water Level in Dams Rise to 6.65 TMC

Till last month there were no signs of rainfall and major dams were seeking towards the low level facing water scarcity across the city. But first week of July commenced with heavy rain showers increasing the water level in Dams. There was heavy and steady rainfall in Dam catchment areas which has increased the water level with a competent storage of 6.65 TMC. The State irrigation officials informed that the above water level will provide adequate water supply for the next six months distributed with1 TMC water for each subsequent month.

The city is witnessing water shortage since September which is provided with alternate day’s water supply and Prashant Jagtap Mayor of Pune along Guardian Minister Girish Bapat announced last week that there will be no more water cuts.

Irrigation Officials also reviewed the present water conditions in the Dams and stated that “Dams are filled with adequate water which can last for at least next six months, however we have to look after the future rain activity. It is still necessary to continue with alternate water supply as far as Dams level are not satisfactory. Khadakwasla Dam at present stands with 50 % water level and other dams are also prevailing with increase in Water level.

The Meteorological Department has also predicted that heavy rainfall would continue in coming week as low pressure area has developed over Madhya Pradesh region resulting into increase in rainfall activity in southern parts of Maharashtra as well as in some central parts.

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