Pune Traffic Rules Go Strict Than Before In Pune

Pune Traffic Rules Go Strict Than Before In Pune


Pune Traffic Rules Go Strict than Before – The agenda for traffic rules and regulations has been in news for quite a while, but the decisions have gone strict from Monday, said the officials. The traffic police have been a little easy on Sunday, but from Monday they will take strict actions and fine violators on city roads. Driving without helmet will now cost Rs.500 instead of Rs.100 that includes both the rider and the passenger seating.
The fancy number plates that read dada, mama, baba, boss etc. will be fined as well. The fine for the same has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 respectively. Similarly, the fine for speeding/racing has been increased from Rs.300 to Rs. 2,000.

Many commuters, especially the youngsters are unaware of the new traffic rules. They are still unaware of the government rules and fine charges implemented. On being asked to one of the youngster, she said she hardly has Rs.50 with her, and is going to have problem because of this, who travels from Pimpri to Pune.

On being question to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Pravin Munde, he said “We will not start any drive, but will impose fines against violators.”

Image for reference purpose only.
Image for reference purpose only.

The government was forced to increase the fine amount for various traffic violations, including helmet less ride, after the petrol dealers opposed it’s ‘no helmet, no petrol’ norm. It asked the Petrol dealers to alert the Regional Transport Office (RTO) about those two-wheeler riders who come to the pumps to fill petrol. They were asked to install CCTV cameras but they refused to do so, as it might affect their business. “We have asked the government to install CCTV cameras and verify themselves…we are not going to do this,” said Ali Daruwalla, spokesperson for Poona Petrol Dealers Association.

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Prashant Inamdar of Pedestrians First said there is also a concern that higher fines could also lead to higher corruption rates. Answering to this, Minister Raote said, “If activists feel that the Traffic Police are indulging in corruption, they can always alert the Anti-Corruption Bureau.” He also added by saying “This time we are determined to implement the fine norms. The state is doing this for the safety of the commuters,” he said.

Source: The Indian Express 

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  1. This is a necessity.. As there is no proper supervision by traffic police, the traffic here in Pune is very rampant and erratic.. Believe you me, I have seen young school kids, youngsters and elderly, all violating traffic rules at their own whims and fancies.. Hope this would curtail this behavior.