Pune’s own Rambo Circus which indulge with strong combination of Indian as well as some foreign artists, and a large posse of animals which delighted children and all age group people with its unique acts since many years. But for the sometime animals were banned in the circus as many protester have demanded this ban because according to them the circus authorities treated animals  like slave and forced them to perform for the sake of public entertainment.

Rambo Circus
Rambo Circus

Rambo Circus Gets Interim Custody of Animals

But now, after a gap of month, this city based Rambo circus is about to get their animals back which were impounded on 26th of May. So, as per the Monday’s order which passed by Judicial Magistrate, First Class, District Pune, through which Rambo circus will be given provisionary custody of their seized animals. Though the AWBI have asked permission of one week’s time to return animals, but Court orders them to do so on this Wednesday, 22nd of June, before 1 pm. So, now the Pune’s Rambo circus will get their confiscated animals in this ongoing week.

The judgement that drawn from the officials, has been materialize with lot more conditions. And hence as per the order of Judicial Magistrate, the authority of Rambo circus have to follow all the rules and regulations and treat animals according to these recently provided conditions. The conditions which are included in that judgement as follow: The applicant means Rambo Circus have to execute the bond of 20 lakh for the production of these animals. They have to keep all the animals under proper observation with suitable place and also in good condition. As per the rule they need to cause medical examination of the animals by the veterinary doctor. And they will not forced animals to perform till further order dispatch. They can produce animals before court or any other authority as &when it directed by the court. They have to comply the Performing Animals Registration Rules, 2001 and also the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act. Along with this conditions judgement also commended AWBI to show co-operation with investigation officer to follow the order.

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