Pune ‘ChaiWala’ Earns 12 Lakhs By Selling Tea

In the 2014 elections, the word ‘Chaiwala’ has become more popular due to our pm’s old profession. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sold tea at the railway station during his initial stint and on the strength of his hard work and power, he reached out to the country’s Prime Minister.Mr. Modi too often told the people of the country that I have sold tea. Now a similar teaseller has been discussed in Pune city. A teaseller named Navnath Yewale earns 12 lakh rupees a month.

Pune 'ChaiWala' Earns 12 Laks By Selling Tea
Pune ‘ChaiWala’ Earns 12 Lakhs By Selling Tea

This tea stall known as ‘Yevle Tee House’ is very popular in Pune.He sells the same type of cutting tea 10 rupees.Yevale’s tea stall is in the area of Shukravar peth in Pune, where people are always crowded. This stall is operated from 7 am to 11 pm.Since there is a Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple in the area, there is daily movement of people around. Therefore, Yevale had a sale of 30-40 thousand rupees of tea every day. Navnath Yevale says,”he started this T-Stall in 2011. After 4 years of experience with different tastes, one final quality of tea is determined.From one stall, 3 to 4 thousand tea is sold in a single day. We are now attempting to open 100 centers and make it an international brand.We have thought of providing employment to more people than selling tea.We are happy that our business is growing day by day”.

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