Pune: 9 Killed due to Building Collapse near Balewadi

Pune: 9 Killed due to Building Collapse near Balewadi

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Reference purpose only.

Pune: 9 Killed due to Building Collapse near Balewadi- A building near Balewadi area of Pune collapsed this Friday morning. It was the 13th Floor that collapsed when the workers were working on it.
The deputy commissioner of police (zone-III), B Teli said that the cement slab came crashing down while they were at duty.
It is still questioned whether the labourers were wearing safety harnesses or not and is also unknown whether the necessary safety measures were taken care or not by the owner.

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According to a Fire brigade officer, the incident took place around 11am near a building named ‘Pride Express’. Rescuers are still looking for workers who might be in the debris.

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“We have taken his incident very seriously. We shall order an inspection of all such construction sites now to determine whether they are employing adequate safety measures of the workers,” Pune Mayor Prashant Jagtap said.

Police are searching for the information about the building owner and the contractor, added the officials.

Around 2600 people in India die every year due to building collapses and poor construction.

Source: The Times of India

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