It seems as if Mount Everest has been ceased to be a daunting obstacle for police personnels of Maharashtra. After Suhail Sharma, Maharashtra cadre Indian Police Service officer & Rafiq Shaikh, who is a humble constable from drought racked Aurangabad district scaled the monster peak, now a police husband – wife duo from Pune have made our country proud by setting a record of being the first Indian couple to reach the summit of Mt. Everest

Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod
Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod

Pune’s Police duo First Couple to Scale Mount Everest

After total eight years of hard work, a daring couple from Pune police department has scaled the world’s tallest peak. Naik Dinesh Rathod and his wife Tarkeshwari both are constables at the Shivajinagar’s police headquarters. This adventurous pair took offical leave to attain their mission. On 1st of April, they left from Pune and commenced with their journey to climb a series of Mountains, which included, Mount Everest, which was finally conquered on 23rd of May. Bound by shared dreams as well as common pursuits, they entered the Maharashtra Police service in year 2006. Surmounting the Everest has been their goal since their marriage, said these couple.

Previously, the Rathod couple, aged 30, has climbed a peak in Australia & also managed several adventure sky diving &other mountain related expeditions. Also, they continually participated in many mountaineering expeditions as an overture, to sensitize themselves to the exactness of clambering Mt Everest. The duo couple planned to climb the Everest in year 2015 but postponed following an earthquake. On reaching the summit, Mr. Rathod proudly displayed the cerulean deep blue emblem flag of the Maharashtra police. With this single-minded dedication in conquering the World’s highest peak, that these couple even put-off having a child until they had surmounted the challenge.

On Monday, addressing the Press conference in Nepal, the Rathod, declared that they have become the India’s first security personnel couple to have reached the top of the Everest. But this season, three Indian nationals from West Bengal were lost their lives during their attempt to reach the Everest and over seventy had completed their outing.

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