About Pataleshwar Caves

Pataleshwar Cave temple is located on the busy streets of Pune. It is on Jangli Maharaj, also known as JM road. This is a rock cut cave temple built in the 8th century of the Rashtrakuta period. This temple is made out of Basalt rock and is a Lord Shiva temple. The sanctum inside is cube shaped room. There is a circular Nandi Mandap outside the sanctum and it looks like an umbrella which is supported by massive square pillars.

Pataleshwar Caves, Pune.
Pataleshwar Caves, Pune.
Pataleshwar Caves, Pune.
Pataleshwar Caves, Pune.

History of Pataleshwar caves

The history of the Pataleshwar caves state that the construction was left incomplete because of a fault line found at the back of the sanctum, which made the carving unsafe. Despite all this, the temple was carved out and what it stand still today. It is also known for its museum which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The museum is known for the grain of rice which has 5000 characters inscribed on it.

Devotees come here to worship the Linga and during Shivratri, there is more crowd than the usual times. The temple is lowered from the normal ground level and there are steps to reach till the same. It is a must visit place for the history lovers. The temple therefore offers a peaceful and delightful historic as well as educational experience to all its visitors.

Jangali Maharaj Road, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005

Timing: 8AM to 6PM

Contact Details: +91 93298 83370
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