About Parvati Hill

Parvati is one of the favorite relaxation spots for the residents of Pune. The height of Parvati hill is 2100 feet above sea level and 260 feet from the city level. The hill offers an aerial view of the city and the most picturesque scene. The main attraction of this is the Parvati Temple. Parvati Hill is the highest point in the city limits.

Parvati has five temples on top of it. They are Devdeveshwar temple, Kartikeya Temple, Vishu temple, Vitthal temple and Rama Temple. There are 103 steps to reach the hilltop. A special black quarry stone has been used for all these steps and till date they are strong.

Parvati Hills, Pune.
Parvati Hills, Pune.
Parvati Hills, Pune.
Parvati Hills, Pune.
Parvati Hills, Pune.
Parvati Hills, Pune.

History of Parvati Temple

The main temple, was built by the third Peshwa, Shrimant Nana Saheb in the year 1749 A.D. The history of the temple is linked with a strange miracle. It is believed that Kashibai, the mother of the third Peshwa was suffering from a severe ailment in her right foot. One of her advisers informed her about a temple of Goddess to the South of Pune which was famous for its miraculous healing power. Kashibai went to the temple which was located on top of this hill and prayed for her recovery. She vowed that if she was cured of her ailment, she would build a temple there. She soon recovered and hence her son built a temple on the hill.

It is true that the magnificent temples which stand today on the hill were built by the Peshwas. However, the hill of Parvati was known much earlier even in the days of Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj.

Parvati Hill is daily visiting place for a number of citizens and a lot of people come here to exercise too. Beautiful sunrise and sunset views are the best part of this hill. Parvati Hill gives a panoramic view of the whole of Pune city.

Parvati Hill, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009

Timing: 5AM to 8.30PM

Contact details: +91-20-20242022

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