Palkhi: Traditional Maharashtrian Festival

Palkhi: Traditional Maharashtrian Festival


 “Palkhi” or “Wari” or “Dindi” is what we are getting to hear everywhere in and around Pune these days. The months of “Jyeshtha” and “Aashadh”(Hindu months) bring the celebration of the “Palkhi”(palanquin). The pilgrims involved in this Wari are known as “Warkaris”. The warkaris carry the Padukas (foot prints) of many Saints in this procession. Most famous Palkhi processions are of saints Dyaneshwar Maharaj and Tukaram Maharaj. Saint Tukaram Maharaj was devotee of Lord Vithoba (“Vitthal”). 

We can see millions of warkaris marching on the foot for around 250 kms with happy faces and engrossed in worshipping Lord Vithoba. Dyaneshwar Maharaj’s Palkhi starts from Aalandi whereas Tukaram Maharaj’s Palakhi starts from Dehu. This palakhi finishes its journey in Pandharpur in 21 days on the day of “Aashadhi Ekadashi”.  Continuous chanting of the “Gyanba Tukaram, Gyanobachi Palkhi” makes their journey pleasant. Many tourists from other countries too come to witness this enchanting experience. Holy atmosphere is created in the city and you feel very peaceful. 

So in all you need to take the experience of this traditional Maharashtrian festival of “Palakhi” at least once in your lifetime by singing “Gyanba Tukaram, Gyanobachi Palkhi”.


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