Oppression Against Women At Its Peak In The City

Oppression Against Women At Its Peak In The City


Pune, Lohegaon: An Air Force Commando molested a 19 year old girl and also threatened her male friend. The incident took place on Monday while the report against the commando was filed on Wednesday.

According to the report,vehicle of the girl broke down near the Air force station at 12:30 am, she was heading towards her fiance’s house which was in the vicinity of the area. She was accompanied by a male friend. While on her way home a patrolling van stopped them and asked for papers of the vehicle to which she said it was her fiance’s vehicle and the papers were with him. She asked her fiancé to get the papers and the commando was not satisfied with the provided documents for which he asked them all to come along with the him to the air force chowky for inspection of the documents.

The girl says that the commando asked her male friend and her to sit in the van and sat right next to the girl in the van. While on their way the commando asked the driver to stop mid way and threatened the boy to get off the vehicle, other commandos accompanying also got off the vehicle making an alibi of checking the documents. Meanwhile the commando started touching her inappropriately and grabbed her hand. When the girl objected and asked him to stop, the commando got off the vehicle and asked her fiancé to visit the chowky next morning with the remaining documents. Later he allowed them to go.

The teen with her fiancé filed a complaint at the Vimantal police station. Cops there have registered a sexual harassment case against the commando. Cops say as he works for the Air Force, he cannot be arrested without the consent of his superiors.

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