Now Visit A New ‘3-D Visualization Digital’ Planetarium in Pune

For creating awareness of astronomy in the students as well as in public and some facts of the vast mass of the universe,the corporation has set up a modern ‘3-D Visualization Digital’ technology based at Rajiv Gandhi E-Learning School in Sahkarnagar.Through this, Puneites will now see a journey of astronomy and facts about astrology. Corporator Aba Bagul has claimed that this is the first project in the country.

Now Visit A New '3-D Visualization Digital' Planetarium in Pune
Now Visit A New ‘3-D Visualization Digital’ Planetarium in Pune

Regarding about this, Bagul said, “Name of the former Chief Minister, Vilasrao Deshmukh, who was specially aware of science and technology,will be given to this Planetarium. This Planetarium is fully air-conditioned. Digital technology and sound system have been used for sophisticated visualization to make an impressive look on space design and events. That’s why citizens will be able to experiance journey of galaxy by sitting on a chair”. Information about planets, stars and astronomical events will be provided through audiovisual. This project has been developed under the guidance of architect Anand Uplekar. Eight projectors have been used for this salvation. Currently there are 20 Films available, Films can also be shown through Marathi and Hindi.Five crores cost has been spent for the creation of this Planetarium. Bagul said, “The show will be of about 45 to 60 minutes.” He said that the capacity of the seats is around 52 persons.

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