Most Typical Puneri Words used in Pune ( पुणेरी भाषा ) |...

Most Typical Puneri Words used in Pune ( पुणेरी भाषा ) | Puneri Lingo

Puneri Lingo , Puneri Slang Language
Puneri Lingo

Pune  known as the city of youth! Many of the people across India has been residing in pune since many year but can’t get the exact conversation between two Punekars, the reason behind is the words used by them. Although Pune’s marathi is consider the purest form of Marathi language in maharashtra but if you are true punekar then you can’t resist to use these typical puneri words. If you are a non-resident of pune then at the start you will find it bit difficult to get over these words but later you may get addicted to these special puneri words.

Puneri Lingo , Puneri Slang Language
Puneri Lingo


Typical Puneri Words used in Pune

Well there are many common words used in pune like Vadhiv (वाढीव) : To describe someone with extra talent ! Well this one was just an example and there are lot more. So lets check out some of the Puneri Lingo which you need to understand if you are in Pune !

1) BALACH (बळच) : Used to Dismiss Claims made by the other person !

2) GANDLAY (गंडलंय ) : Used when something is went wrong !

3) HAWA (हावा ) : Used to express when someone is showing off !

4) DOKYALA SHOT (डोक्याला शॉट ) : Used to Express someone very irritating !

5) AAWRA (आवरा) : When someone exaggerated any statement then Punekar use ‘aawra’ !

6) AAI CHI JAI (आई ची जय ) : Used when some is surprised of listening to anything !

7) GHANTA (घंटा ) : Totally Fake !

8) YEDYA LAI BHARI (येड्या लै भारी ) : Simply it means ‘Awesome’ !

9) RADA (राडा ) : It means ‘Chaos’

10) KAPALAT GOTYA (कपाळात गोट्या ) : Well this one is funny ! it means getting ‘Stunned’

11) KAHIHI (काहीही ) : Well it can be synonym to ‘Ghanta’  means literally fake/disbelief

12) CHALAN (चलन ) : It means telling lies.

13) GHUSLIYE (घुसलीये) : It means I’m totally screwed !

14) MATTER ZALA ( मॅटर झाला ) : If you see someone speaking this then consider he is in trouble !

15) ASHAKYA (अशक्य ) : It means ‘Impossible’

16) BARR (बरं…) : If you want to stop some stupid conversation.

17) CHAPRI (छपरी) : It means a Classless person or having no standard .

18) KISSA ( किस्सा ) :  It means story !

19) MITRA (मित्रा) : When you want to call someone !

20 ) KAHI PN KA (काही पण का ) : It means ‘Disbelief!’

So these were some of the Typical Puneri Words used in Pune by the Punekar’s. These are just the few words which i got into my mind. If you have any other words do let me know in the comment section below this article we will make another part of this article. Do share this post on social media with your friends.

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