MIT-SOM College of Pune presents ENTHUSIA

MIT-SOM College of Pune presents ENTHUSIA


MIT-SOM College of Pune presents “ENTHUSIA”

Another year of college and the series of events are everywhere. This time MIT College is back with ENTHUSIA, which definitely will be full of Enthusiasm and fun. So gear up guys for an enthralling event near you.

What is ENTHUSIA all about?
Enthusia is an inter-collegiate event organised by college twice in a year. Season I is organised exclusive for Junior College students. It is an event of its only kind in Maharashtra where students from 11th and 12th standard come on the campus to participate in various events like Dance, Music, Management Quiz, IT games etc. Last year around 1,000 students from 40 colleges participated in the event and this year we are expecting more than that.
Games likes Treasure Hunt, Mad Ads, Photography Competition, Dance, Singing, Tug of War and much more awaits you.

The main idea behind this event is:

  1. To inculcate moral values and ethics and channelise their young mind and energy towards constructive development and nation building.
  2. To reach out Indian Youth for promoting the Dance and Music.
  3. To encourage them to participate in Management Games.

Where: MAEER’s MIT-SOM College, Pune, India.
123, Saraswati Vishwa Building, ‘A’ Wing, 5th Floor, MIT Campus, Paid Road, Kothrud, Pune- 411038.

When: 6th and 7th August, 2016.

To know more, just click below!

The Enthusiasm Kit

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So gear up students, this is the chance to indulge in real fun of your College days!

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