Mini Satellite Made By COEP Students Flights Into Space After 8 Years – Amongst the 20 satellites launched by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is Swayam, which was fully conceptualised, designed as well as brought to reality with the brilliant work which performed by the students of the College of Engineering Pune (COEP). So, with the Swayam in Orbit, COEP takes a giant leap in space. After this successful mission, engineering students at COEP, Pune are rejoicing as their greatest dream of 8 years finally fulfilled. The 997-gram cube-shaped satellite was the smallest of the twenty satellites launched together on Wednesday.

Mini Satellite by COEP
Mini Satellite by COEP

It was most euphoric moment for the Students of Pune’s College of Engineering as their academic satellite, Swayam, one of two satellite developed by Indian Students which was successfully launched from Sriharikota on Wednesday, 22nd of June,2016 at 9.26 am. This satellite was victoriously placed in orbit along with 19 other International satellites. When, Swayam was successfully flies into space, a crowd that gathered at the auditorium of 162 years old Institute clapped and hugged each other on Wednesday morning to celebrate their success. In that auditorium, Students and their parents, faculty members as well as alumni who exploded into shout of joy, while watching the live streaming of their satellite launch.

Total 176 students have worked hardly on the satellite project which started in year 2008, which built with RS 50 lakh funding. Swayam, which separated at 515.3 km into the orbit after it being launched by Indian Space Research Organisation, which is the first satellite to employ a new technology of passive stabilisation that does not draw electrical power for stabilisation in orbit but it orients itself towards the magnetic field of earth on its own. The entire atmosphere inside the college was one of a great victory celebration with large number of students and college officials. B B Ahuja Director of COEP, who unable to hide his excitement and congratulated all students for their determination for the last eight years, which amazingly resulted into the college inventing its mark in orbit. Along with him, Spaceport faculty head Manisha Khaladkar who led the project with only ten students, also present at the celebration, and said that it was a prideful moment for them.

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