Milk Prices Hiked By Rs. 2 per litre from July 1 in...

Milk Prices Hiked By Rs. 2 per litre from July 1 in Maharashtra

Milk Price Hike
Milk Price Hike

Milk Prices Hiked By Rs. 2 Per Litre – After Vegetables, all the consumers will have to bear the RS. 2 hikes in the price of Milk, which has been set to rise from today, 1st of July, 2016.The state government of Maharashtra have been taken this decision to hike procurement prices of milk. On Tuesday, 28th of June,2016, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis approved a decision to increase milk prices based on the report, which represented by the Principal secretary of the dairy development department, Bijay Kumar. He stated that, they ensured that, the rise in the retail price of milk, which goes directly on to the farmers, without allowing any cooperative societies to make their share. Also he said that they are working out the model which guarantees to cut fees of processing as well as transportation to make it fairly helpful for societies as well.

Milk Price Hike
Milk Price Hike

Consecutive droughts and also shortage of fodder have disturbed the milk procurement cycle in several parts of the state. Because of this, farmers have been forced to use sugarcane leaves as fodder, which has resulted to reduction in the production of milk in the state. Hence, the daily milk procurement in the entire state has come down to 1 crore litres per day from 1.20 crore litres per day. According to source of dairy department development, their authorities had sent a proposal rated to increase procurement price of milk by Rs 2 per litre, earlier in the month of June, to the state government. So, now this increment in the price of milk will be implemented all over the state.

The procurement price was last increased in the year 2013,according to officials. In the production of milk Maharashtra state ranks at the seventh place in the country. As per the new approval, the procurement of cow milk will purchased from Rs 20 to Rs 22 per litre and  buffalo milk will be go up from Rs 29 to Rs 31 per litre. So, now Consumers will have to pay Rs 35 per litre for cow milk & Rs 44 per litre for buffalo milk.

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