Shimga Marathi Movie to be Hit Soon on big screen

Holi comes in the marathi month of Falgun. Presently all Konkan is in the spirit of Shimga that is holi. This ‘Shimga’, which is a subject of love for everyone, will soon be seen on the big screen. In the upcoming film ‘Shimga’ produced by Shri Kelamai Bhawani Productions, the audience will be able to capture the great experience of traditional Shimga in Konkan. A teaser poster was launched on the occasion of Holi festival, directed and written by Nilesh Krishna.These teaser posters, launched on social networking sites, are seen by two prominent actors Rajesh Shringarpure and Bhushan Pradhan.

Marathi Movie 'Shimga' to be Hit Soon on big screen
Marathi Movie ‘Shimga’ to be Hit Soon on big screen

Shimga Marathi Movie Wiki, Star Cast

Shimgotsav is celebrated in Konkan with great enthusiasm.People from cities like Pune and mumbai,also return to their home in Konkan in the Konkan region. People from different parts of India go to Konkan to visit Shimga festival. That’s why Shimga’s audience will be seen in the film because it will be a festival for the audience. The teaser of this movie has been discussed very well on social media.
The song ‘Shimga’ has got the music of Pankaj Padghan, and the songwriting is done by Guru Thakur and Valay. This movie is said to be based on Konkani culture based on the name of ‘Shimga’.

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