Marathi Movie ‘Rakshas’ Review | Storyline

The Marathi film industry is known for its innovative movies.After creating intense movies like ‘Fandri’, ‘Half Ticket’, ‘Shala’, Vivek Kajaria and Nilesh Nawaleka decided to create a new movie ‘Rakshas’ and start a new experiment. It can not be said that their experiment was unsuccessful.Actor Sharad Kelkar who played the villain role in ‘Lay Bhari’ and Actress Sai  Tamhankar,comes together for the first time on the occasion of the ‘Rakshas’.Avinash Prakash (Sharad), Iravati Prakash (Sai) and his daughter Aru (Rituja Deshpande) are the family living their daily lives.

Marathi Movie 'Rakshas' Review | Storyline
Marathi Movie Rakshas’ Review | Storyline

Avinash is a documentary maker. He is making a documentary on a tribal village. In this village, a paradise project comes into existence, which is opposed by the tribals. Avinash also becomes part of this Tribal movement against Paradise project,and suddenly one day disappears from that village. Then begins the journey of Aru and Iravati to find him.Directed by Dnyanesh Zhoting, the story of the film was effectively presented with the idea of imagination. Even though the first half of the film seems slow, the latter gets exicted and puts you in the chair. Often, when watching movies, why such a thing or why this is such a question, why are those questions raised? But as the movie is full of imagination, seeing it, it is worthwhile to bounce such questions.

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