Marathi Movie “Atrocity” Will Be Release On 23rd February

The film is a mirror of the behaviour of society. A reflection of the events that occur in society is seen in the film. Many people know only the name of ‘Atrocity’ law. But few people know exactly what it is. Producers Dr. Rajendra Padole and director Deepak Kadam have tried to bring this realistic subject to the audience.The production of ‘Atrocity’, which will be produced by RP Production, will be presented to the audience on February 23.

Marathi Movie "Atrocity" Will Be Release On 23rd February
Marathi Movie “Atrocity” Will Be Release On 23rd February

The realistic storyline presented in ‘Atrocity’ has included a song-music link involving entertaining values. Songwriter Anant Jadhav, Mandar Cholkar, Akhil Joshi, Vijay K. Patil has written songs of ‘Atrocity’ and music composer Amar-Ramalakshman has been inspired by him. Rishi Joshi, Vaishali Samant, Janhavi Prabhu-Aurora, Shashikant Mumbare, Nandesh Umap, Saurabh P. Srivastav has sung these songs. Anil Sutar and Jasmin Oza have made choreography of songs.Rajan Surve and Mangesh Kedar wrote the screenplay and dialogues of the film. Yatin Worker, Ritesh, Ganesh Yadav, Vijay Kadam, Surekha Kudchi, Dr, Nishigandha Wad, Kamlesh Surve and Rishabh Padole and Pooja Jaswal will be in this new pair of films. Cameraman Rajesh Rathod has filmed this movie and Madhu Kamble has done art direction.

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