Man falls prey to death in the chase of clicking photographs- As the monsoon has set in, People are off for treks and tours to take full advantage of the lovely weather. Everybody wants to capture beautiful photographs and keep the memories along. But how far is it safe anymore? In the hoard of capturing pictures, another man loses his life and becomes a prey to death.

A 36-year-old, mall employee from Lonavla lost his balance while trying to shoot pictures of the valley from Shooting Point at Khandala and fell nearly 400ft to his death around 5.30pm on Tuesday. As the depth was intense, help from the local Shivdurga Mitra Trekking and Adventure Club was taken to bring Sandip Gotad’s body out by Wednesday evening.

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Khandala, Pune.
Khandala, Pune.

An officer from the Lonavla City police stated that Gotad and his friend Pancham Ravidas (24) worked in the housekeeping department of the same mall in Lonavla. Gotad bunked work and went for sight-seeing with Ravidas on Tuesday at Khandala’s Shooting point.  After reaching the spot, both of them started clicking photographs from their cellphones. Gotad had climbed above a tree located at the corner of the valley to capture the best shot through his phone camera when he lost his balance and fell down.

While he was on the tree, Gotad lost his balance and fell into the valley, said the officials. “Ravidas was standing close by and alerted the guard stationed nearby. They tried to look for Gotad together but couldn’t. On not finding his friend, Ravidas informed the police about the incident nearly two and a half hours later at around 8pm.

On Wednesday late morning, around 11am, a team of about 15 trekkers began the search operation. “We started rappelling from the spot, where Gotad had fallen down and traced the body about 400 feet down in the valley. Tuesday night it was raining heavily in Lonavla as well as Khandala. We went to the spot and tried to enter into the valley. Since it was too dark, it was impossible to go deep. However, we did trace Gotad’s cellphone,” said a member of the trekking group. After fighting for nearly six hours, the body was finally taken out of the valley. Gotad had died due to severe head injuries.

This is the second such incident reported in Lonavla within 10 days. On July 4, 22-year-old Siril Thomas Kini from Mumbai died after he slipped and fell into the trench at Lion’s Point. Two years ago, two people had fallen into the valley from the same spot.

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