Maharashtra Gov. to Fund COEP College for Second Satellite – It was a proud and honoring moment for all of us as a citizen of Pune, when students from College of Engineering (COEP) successfully launched the cube shaped academic satellite “Swayam” alongside 19 others on Wednesday 22nd June 2016.It is truly a delightful and appreciating juncture with the students are also contributing in the satellite mission . It was a historical moment for India when they successfully launched a rocket carrying 20 satellites from Sriharikota Island in eastern Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. It’s the most number of satellite India has launched in one go in the history of space program of which one consisted Swayam build by Students of Engineering college from Pune.

COEP College Satellite
COEP College Satellite

Maharashtra Government has acknowledged the achievements of the Engineering students with Education minister Mr.Vinod Tawde congratulated the students and declared that State Government will finance and provide full support for the next satellite project of the institute.

He was present at the felicitation programme of the students and faculty members of the feat where he stated that “With Swayam in Space, the students and faculty members, who work hard and burnt the midnight oil to make this happen, have added another feather in the colleges cap and I congratulate the students for their astounding achievement.

An important announcement was made by him with the Higher and Technical Education will provide Rs.50 lakh for COEPs next satellite project. The main aim would be to furnish adequate financial support to the team to enhance the research projects at the college level.

ISRO has approved a second satellite project by the college which will be powered by solar energy and will be three time the size of the present ‘Swayam’ satellite.

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