About Korigad Fort

Korigad is a hill fort located near Lonavla in Pune district. It is a very ancient fort. The closest village to this fort is Shahpur. To the east of the fort there are two artificial lakes part of the Aamby Valley project. There are two lakes on the fort.

History of Korigad Fort

This fort was taken by force along with other Forts of Lohagad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona. Colonel Prother tried to take over this fort in the year 1818 but couldn’t succeed in doing so. But on March 14th, he bombarded by means of cannons and finally was successful in doing. After this the fort went to the Britishers.

Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort

How to reach Korigad Fort?

To reach Korigad, one needs to have own vehicle as public transportation is fewer from Lonavla. From Pune head towards Lonavla and take a left at Purohit Chikki and head towards the Aamby valley road. The locals can guide to the base of the fort. Ask the locals for Peth Shahpur as this is the base village.

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance: 90kms from Pune

Things to do at Korigad Fort:

The temple of Koraidevi is the major attraction. There are two lakes on the fort which are dry in summers. There are six bombard cannons which were used during the early ages of War. Among which 5 of them are small and one is the largest one.
Camping can be done here. There are plenty of Monkeys on the fort but they do no harm unless you provoke them. The best season to visit is monsoon and winter. During monsoon being careful is advisable as the paths become slippery.

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