Khadakwasla Dam – Necessary Facts and Information

Khadakwasla Dam – Necessary Facts and Information

About Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla is one of the oldest and beautiful dams near Pune built on Mutha River which is approximately 20kms away from the city and is 1.6kms long. This dam is the main source of water for Pune and its suburbs. Khadakwasla was built during the 19th Century to curb the drought conditions in East Pune. From then it’s the major water supply source to Pune.
Khadakwasla is the quickest getaway for a day which is less than an hour.  It is one of the favorite picnic spots for Punekars. The very famous National Defense Academy (NDA) is located here. The very famous Sinhagad Fort is also very near to Khadakwasla Dam.

How to reach Khadakwasla?

By private vehicle:
45minutes drive on a two-wheeler or four-wheeler from Pune station depending on the traffic.
By public transport:
Buses from Mahanagar Paalika (MNPA) near (‘Khumbharwada’) are available to reach Khadakwasla. Rickshaws or local cabs and Taxis can also be hired to reach the destination.


Things to do in Khadakwasla:

It is a beautiful place to enjoy the serene view. It’s a perfect place for a romantic outing. Khadakwasla is a great attraction for the couples and a lot of them can be spotted here. You can savor over the ‘Bhutta’ or ‘Kannis’ at the local stalls or enjoy the local favorite ‘Vada Pav’ & Bhajji along with tea.  A long walk can also be taken alongside the Dam where the stalls are set up.  With the numerous ‘Chat stalls’ this place is not less than a carnival. Khadakwasla is a quick musing spot from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Things not to do in Khadakwasla:

1. Littering the place by throwing garbage would be disappointing.
2. Clicking selfies near the water might turn out fatal.
3. Going near the Dam is not allowed without permission.

Best time to visit:

Khadakwasla Dam has always been a tourist attraction throughout the year due to its proximity. Not only tourists, it’s a favorite mini escape for the Punekars always. But it is best enjoyed during the monsoon.

Emergency contact number: +912025290029

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