A very inhuman activity has been seen in Pune city (Kalewadi Phata), a man from Uttar Pradesh was sold in Pune for Rs 1,000 and forced to beg. From past five months he is been begging on the traffic signals and beaten brutally by his owner.

Man was Sold for Rs 1,000 in Pune
Dhunu Kale (Top Left) & Anup Singh (Right)

Image Source – Pune Mirror

Anup Singh resident of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh came to Mumbai in search of job but he wasn’t aware what would happen to his life. Instead he became a suspect of human trafficking beaten very brutally with a broken arm and leg. His was also torture and harassed given cigarettes burns on his back and could barely whisper. Anup Singh was sold to Dhunu Kale for Rs 1,000 then she brought him to Pune and forced to beg at Kalewadi Phata. His aim was to give her daily Rs 1,500 in returns he would get some food to survive.

It was Tuesday morning when Yogesh Malkhare , who runs a NGO (Smile Plus Foundation) was passing through Kalewadi Phata and saw Singh and Kale begging on Traffic Signals. He had a doubt on both so he just stepped out of his car and Dhunu Kale tried to escape from him, but they managed to catch her.  Anup Singh plead Yogesh Malkhare to rescue him from Kale.

Later both were questioned by Yogesh and all the story came in front. A case has been filed against Dhunu Kale at local police station.

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