Just a day in Pune? here’s what you can do

Just a day in Pune? here’s what you can do


Hello travelers!
I’m sure some of you might have a trip coming up to Pune. And you just have one day to spend there. So this article is absolutely for you. Here we gonna talk about what and all can you do in just one day and still have the whole experience of what Pune has for you.
So let say you have just landed early in the morning, I would recommend taking a cab or an auto and straight away head to Vaishali. Now for those who don’t know what Vaishali is, Vaishali – The best-loved place in town is located on FC road.
When you come to Vaishali – you may just spot some of the most famous names in Pune or even India. It is the chosen meeting place of the city…everybody right from the student to some of the best-known professionals are here. Families, friends, even business meetings – this is the choice – the one place you would like to be seen in. What do you get there? You get south Indian food but I would recommend you to try something more Maharashtrian . Try the sabudana vada, it’s the best in this place. And once you are done with your breakfast follow it with a cup of tea at Rupali which is just across the street right there. After having a nice cup of tea there and once your stomach is full and you want to wonder around then it’s time for some walk. So put your backpack and shoes on and start at Shivaji Bridge. Head out towards this old palace of comfort called Shanivar Wada, it is one of the only few reminisce of past from Peshwa era and it still survives in quite a bit of it’s old glory. It was burnt down recently so a lot of wooden structures are gone, but the walls still remain. You could walk around and it’ beautiful for photography. Follow that up with a trip to shinde chatri. Shinde Chatri is a place where you will get to see a lot of puneri architectural style. And while you are there in that area, spend some time walking around and looking into old houses of Pune, that’s called the Peth area and the peth houses are quite interesting. Pick up a conversation with people and actually enjoy the place.

I’m sure you must be thinking of food after walking so much. So now that we are done looking at some heritage buildings of Pune, it’s time for some lunch, isn’t it?
For that let’s move to MG road and try out chutney sandwich at Marz-o-rin restaurant. This place is usually crowded, no matter what day of the week it is. One of the must visit, legendary places in Pune. Though sandwich is not really a lunch but you sure should give that a try if you visit this legendary restaurant.
So now that we are done with our lunch let’s keep going into exploring more of Pune. Our next stop is Aga Khan Palace. This Palace is a very important part of our Indian history. Gandhi was imprisoned here and so was Kasturba Gandhi, she actually died here and it’s her samadhi so it’s quite an important part of Pune. This place is sort of time memorial which helps you remember the time when India was struggling for its freedom. So just walk around in the lawns spend some quiet and peaceful time. After a whole day walking and site seeing a head to Koregaon Park and relax yourself with a nice cup of coffee. And I would recommend you -go to German Bakery. This is one of the oldest places in Pune and it actually has some decent coffee and add some pastries to it, red velvet muffin is one of many popular foods in this bakery. Plus if you like street shopping there are multiple lanes around that area where you can do some street shopping.

With so much walking and shopping, you sure must be hungry by now so get prepared for some dinner. I would recommend you- ABC farm which is very close to German Bakery, though it is not so far but you must already be tired so take an auto. ABC Farm is actually a farm which has many restaurant and also owns it’s own cheese farm. You can go to Shisha Café or Jazz Bar& café. It’s quite an interesting place with beautiful Indian, Iranian food, and coffee of course and live music. You can sit there, have your dinner even buy some cheese if you like. And then pack your things and head back to the airport, it’s time for you to go backs.

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