Pune’s Four Major Reservoirs Water Storage Increases – The rain gods finally smiled on the city over the last three days, which pushing up the water-level of the all four major dams of the city for the first time this monsoon season. This heavy shower added a next few days of water to the dams’ stock. The collective water storage in the city’s reservoirs registered a slight increase on Saturday. So, as per the the latest figures from the Department of State Irrigation, a spell of continuous rainfall through Sunday & Monday morning has led to the cumulative water stocks in the 4 dams of the city that are Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon & Temghar increased up to 3.85 tmcft from the minor figure of 1.71 tmcft, recorded till the end of June month.

Khadakwasla Dam
Khadakwasla Dam

Because, of the soaring temperatures the storage capacity in the dams falling down this year. However, incessant showers have ensured a progressive capacity rise of 13.2 % the figure that marked till Monday morning, which is still much lower than the total of 25% water storage rise which registered by dams during the same time previous year. Heavy downpour continued on Monday (July 4) in the catchments of the 4 reservoirs that supply water to Pune city. By, the evening the total stock in the dams had encountered 4.39 TMC registering an increase of 1.43 TMC in the last 24 hours.

For three successive days, dams have registered at least 1 TMC water following heavy showers. On Sunday (July 3), storage had gone up by 1.23 TMC while on Saturday (July 2) it had shooting up by 0.96 TMC. On Monday evening, water stock in Panshet touched 18.72%, Varasgaon received 10.53% & Khadakwasla attained 39.85%.And Storage in Temghar dam, which was down to zero per cent since the last month, but on Monday with inflow of rain water it registered decent amount of water storage. So, as per the recent reports, a rise in the water levels of dams has brought some relief to the citizens as the present stock have meet the city’s water requirements till October month.

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