Guru Purnima Festival

Guru Purnima Festival


Guru Purnima is celebrated in India and Nepal on the full moon day i.e. Purnima as per the Hindu month “Aashadha”. This generally comes in the month of June or July. This year it is on the 27th July i.e. today and this year lunar eclipse is also there.

On this day “Guru” (teacher) is worshipped. This day is dedicated to teachers because after our parents, teacher teaches us how to become a well behaved and well cultured person. They show us proper way of living a life.  So, to give them respect and express thankfulness, Guru Purnima is celebrated. People visit temples and some people also keep fast on this day.

Generally many programmes are arranged in the city to celebrate the festival like musical or singing programmes where disciples sing the songs for their Gurus to show their gratitude. In school, ashrams and temples too this day is celebrated.  

In all, holy and spiritual atmosphere is created on this day of Guru Purnima!       

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