Google AI can anticipate Heart diseases by simply scanning your retina

Google AI can anticipate Heart diseases by simply scanning your retina


Google using its health-tech subsidiaries can now detect a person’s risk of getting heart disease. The method includes scanning the back of an individual’s eye to detect the factors causing heart disease.

The rear interior of a person’s eye is full of blood vessels which can be used to examine a person’s overall health. This could make it quicker for doctors to analyze a person’s health issues.

Source: Nature Biomedical Engineering

The AI algorithm takes it to next level by cross-referencing all the data found in the scans to avoid heart diseases.This method is as accurate as predicting cardiovascular disease through more invasive measures, reported by online medical journal.

Google with Verily’s scientists generated a “heatmap” or graphical representation of data by analyzing a medical data set from 284,335 patients and validated on two independent dataset of 12,026 and 999 patients.

Retinal images of two patients were presented, one with a cardiovascular event and another one without cardiovascular event, as part of the research. Google’s algorithm was able to tell the difference between the two patients.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally and researchers know that lifestyle factors like exercise and diet, also the genetic factors, age, ethnicity, and sex all contribute to it. The findings suggest that a simple retinal image could one day help understand the key to cardiovascular health.



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