Gaurang Bobde- The mystery murder case of a former Pune student is...

Gaurang Bobde- The mystery murder case of a former Pune student is said to be solved


Gaurang Bobde- The mystery murder case of a former Pune student is said to be solved- Mystery over the 24-year old former Pune student is said to be solved by the police by now. He was found dead in a mall of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. He was basically from Chhattisgarh but was a student in Pune. The body had injury wounds and had a hand fractured. Various other injuries were also spotted on his body.

By now the police is said to have solved the mystery. They said that they have arrested four of his friends charging them under Section 304 IPC (culpable homicide not amounting to murder). The police is however unable to answer to many such questions that are still prevailing regarding his death. The police say that Gaurang was pulled by his friends while coming down the stairs and he lost his control and tripped down resulting in his death.
On being questioned about the multiple bruises over his body, the police could not provide satisfactory answer as to why the injuries were caused. Gaurang’s body had multiple bruises, a black eye and multiple fractures only in his right hand. The four friends Kinshuk Agrawal, Karan Khushlani, Karan Jaiswal and Ankit Malhotra were charged under Section 304 IPC.

A day after the death, the whole Bobde family expressed doubt over the police investigation and demanded over a CBI or SIT investigation.

His body was found in the condition that was debauched and the post-mortem report indicated that Gaurang was subjected to merciless beating, resulting to his death. On Monday evening, however, policed claimed that CCTV footage of the mall did not show any kind of fight between Gaurang and his friends.

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Later, when they were leaving the mall via stairs, one his friends Ankit Malhotra is seen pulling him, which resulted in Gaurang falling from the stairs and his death. SP Mayank Shrivastava said, “While a lot is being said about police investigation in the case, police checked footage from all the 102 CCTVs installed in the mall during their investigation.”

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh in-charge of Forum for Fast Justice Mamta Sharma on Tuesday suspected that along with Gaurang’s friends, pub operators and directors of the mall are equally responsible for his death. She alleged that police and excise department provide patronage to such pubs and bars in the city that operate beyond permissible time limits. She further said that the pub where Gaurang and his friends had partied is being operated by someone else while someone else holds the license.

The question still loiters over the murder case and will justice be served to this youngster or will the law delay it? This depends on the ultimate justice and higher varsities now.

Source: The Times of India

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