Famous Ganesh Mandals in Pune – Strolling the City !

Famous Ganesh Mandals in Pune – Strolling the City !

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Ganesh Mandals in Pune – There are hundreds of Ganesh Mandals in Pune during the Ganesh festival. Pune being the birth place of Ganeshotsava, gleams during this times. The roads are packed, the streets are full of hustle and bustle and amongst it sits Bappa in the huge Pandals, ready to bestow blessings among its devotees.

Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak made it a well-organised public event in the year 1893, from the  annual domestic festival which was only done on the homely basis. Since then it is celebrated in great pomp and awe all over Maharashtra.

People from various cities come to Pune top see the huge Pandals and its decorations. A lot of Pandals have theme based decorations. Some portray Draught conditions, some about women empowerment, some about farmers and some about education. These are to name a few, but these Mandals brilliantly decorate it and make sure they catch your eye.

When you are in Pune, its a must visit to these Mandals as they are one of the mains of the city. Though crowded, you will never feel because you will always be surrounded by Punekars full of enthusiasm for this very festival.

Here’s the list of famous Ganesh Madals in Pune:

Rajarshi Shahu Chowk Ganeshotsav Mandal

Rajarshi Shahu Chowk-Ganeshotsav

Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati Mandal

Tamdi Jogeshwari Mandal, Pune.

Hutatma Babu Genu Ganesh Mandal

Hutatma Babu Genu
Hutatma Babu Genu Mandal, Pune.

Shri Kasba Ganpati Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal

Kasba Ganpati Mandal
Kasba Ganpati Mandal, Pune.

Guruji Talim Ganapati

Guruji Talim Ganpati
Guruji Talim Ganpati, Pune.

Kesariwada Ganeshotsav Trust

Kesariwada ganpati

Shreemant Dagdushet Ganpati Mandal

Dagadusheth Ganapati Pictures

Tulshibag Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal

Tulsi Baugh Ganpati, Pune.
Tulsi Baugh Ganpati, Pune.

Mandai Ganeshotsav Mandal

Akhil Mandai Mandal Ganpati
Akhil Mandai Mandal Ganpati, Pune.

Hatti Ganpati Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal

Hatti Ganpati Mndal, Pune.
Hatti Ganpati Mndal, Pune.

What are you waiting for ? Time for Pandal Hopping !!

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