English or Maths? Are The Subjects in Threat for Maharashtra's Education System?

English or Maths? Are The Subjects in Threat for Maharashtra's Education System?

Maharashtra's Higher Education minister, Vinod Tawde
Maharashtra's Higher Education minister, Vinod Tawde

English or Maths? Are the Subjects in a threat to Maharashtra?  – The academic accuracy does not seem to be a feature with State education minister Vinod Tawde. His latest move seems have given a blow to the education system in Maharashtra. According to him, to better the education system, the weaker students should quit rather than struggling to compete and be disappointed at the end. He says, Maths and English will be taken off the Class X from the compulsory subject list of the State Board, a move that might put students’s future in delinquent.

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Mr. Tawde had given reasons for the same. According to the evidenced by data collected over the last five years, higher number of students fail in these two subjects. This results in students going to depression that leads to take extreme steps like committing or attempting suicide.

Maharashtra's Higher Education minister, Vinod Tawde
Maharashtra’s Higher Education minister, Vinod Tawde

English and Maths, according to expertise say that these subjects are extremely necessary for survival in the competitive world are been chucked out. Whereas these two subjects will be replaced by subjects like fine arts or dance from the next academic year.

Mr. Tawde also added by saying, “We have done a state-wide survey on failure in the Class X exams. I have got the last five years’ data of all schools. The survey reveals that maximum number of failures are in Maths and English. Sometimes, failure in these subjects lead students to take their lives. It’s a serious issue. We are considering a policy decision on whether these subjects can be made optional for Class X students.”

On further discussion he said that, the Government will now invite expertise to talk on the issue before getting to a final conclusion. He alleged “It is in an initial stage. We will form an education experts committee for opinions on whether it will be feasible or not. We have also told them to come up with alternate optional subjects in place of English and Maths. We want to make an easier exam system for low-performing students.”

The state Secondary School Certificate (SSC) supported the minister. The board president Gangadhar Mhamane said, “It is true that a large number of students failed in Maths and English in the recent past. We have sent the data to the education ministry. However, only the education minister can take a final call on the compulsory or optional subjects.”

Source: The Times of India

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