Mumbai-Pune expressway has become a sort of way to death as several people die in road accidents on the expressway. These road accidents have increased particularly due to not following road discipline as well as rash driving. And hence, because of the recent increase in road causalities has promoted, the government of Maharashtra has been considering drones to monitor, identify as well as control vehicles who breaking traffic rules on the e-way. According to the meeting was held between the officials of the Home Department and Maharashtra state road department co-corporation, Deepak Kesarkar, the Minister of State for Home, said that initially, drones would be put on the Pune-Mumbai expressway on a pilot basis. Incidents of road accidents have rapidly increased because of indiscipline & rash driving. He also said that they don’t have control on rash driving due to the long length of the expressway and there is a shortage of police staff for surveillance. Usages of CCTV cameras for controlling vehicular traffic has its intrinsic limitations and thus the idea of using drone has been mooted.

Pune Mumbai Expressway Drone
Pune Mumbai Expressway Drone

Deepak Kesarkar said that the drones would be used at the load line of the ghats on the e-way where CCTV vigil is not possible. Mostly, if heavily-loaded trucks cut lanes to overtake vehicles that are causing traffic snarls, and then at that time drone will take pictures and instantly the transport department will take appropriate action against erring vehicles, he added. Also, small vehicles, that break traffic rules, too would have to face action against.

On Saturday, 27th of August,2016, drones were used for the first time on the Pune-Mumbai expressway to monitor vehicle traffic and on the very first day fifteen truck drivers were fined for cutting lanes after aerial pictures captured by the drones. Superintendent of Police (Highways), Pune Region, Amol Tambe, said that after receiving directives from the Government of Maharashtra, we conducted the demonstration of drone for the first time and used two drones in ghat section between Lonavala exit & Khalapur toll plaza to observe vehicular traffic on both sides. This demonstration was carried out between 12 noon and 4 pm and the same was continued on Sunday.

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